This Guy

Tonight I headed out with my son to go take some “awesomes”.

milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 6

That’s what he calls pictures. Whenever I come home from a sunrise shoot, he is awake and ready for Dada. I put the SD card in the iMac and pull ’em up. He is one of my biggest fans so he always says “Oooooooh! Awesome Dada.”
milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 7

After we had enough of the rain and needed to get out, I asked him if he wanted to go take pictures with me.milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 8We grabbed our cameras and headed out to the city 🙂

He was so damn excited to go out shoot.

milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 2

It was pretty hard to get shots of him as he wanted to stand next to me and shoot what I was shooting.  But I think I got some keepers no doubt.

milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 1


milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 3

It was so much damn fun being out doing what I love and watching my son having even more fun trying to do everything he saw me doing.

milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 5

It brought me back to the biggest reason I started this whole thing–I absolutely love it and have the best time doing it. I have so many blurry shots of him as he was just jumping and running with excitement as soon as he’d “take a shot”. We really had the best friggin time!

milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 9

It was also a turning point. A turning point in that my son is old enough to come shoot with me.

milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 11

And as awesome as these pictures are–I think tomorrow we will replace ol’ Elmo with a real one.

milwaukee_portrait_photographer_this_guy 10

I can’t wait to see what he creates!

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