So it begins

Launch Day


Today is the day.  Perhaps it can be yours too.  Today I launched this website and hope to begin a journey doing what I love—but doing it with all of you as well.  Let us start by making tomorrow last forever.
I would like to send out some very special thanks to the people who have helped this become a reality and who have inspired me and continue to do so:
Dave Anderson–amazing photog and was my first customer when I launched a computer repair and consulting business in Little Rock.
Scott Radtke–logo designer and font junkie.
Louis M. Rowe–my older brother who passed away when I was 14.  He loved the art of photography.  I was often his muse/model for doing silly shots when I was 6 years old.  Love you bro!
Derrick & Emily Sutrick, Jacob & Jenna Sutrick, Ben & Trisha Ropson, Amanda Wisth, Christine Hein, and Rachel Idso–amazing friends and a permanent part of my portfolio.  Did I mention amazing friends?

And of course my beautiful wife Katie–I could not have ever dreamed of doing this without you.  I love you!


One Response

  1. Love the announcements! I’m very proud of you!!!
    Love to you. Katie and Baby Rowe!!!!
    Do you have a nickname for him/her?