Christie and Tyler Engagement Preview

I don’t really have too much to write here! These two

are so damn in love and it shows in every one of these images. I love that Tyler knew the only way he could come close to matching his beautiful fiancé was to rock a tux. And rock it he did! I met Christie and Tyler by way of another image I took for the lovely Doug and Michelle. Christie got it touch and wanted her own kick-ass skyline images–so we got to work!

We started on Michigan Avenue at Trib Tower and moseyed our way to the Riverwalk. Before heading down to the Walk we stopped over on the Irv Kupcinet Bridge–aka Wabash. We were so lucky to have the incredible fall sky peeking through at rivers end.  A quick stop for moment in a crosswalk and down below State, along the river, and then a nice healthy hustle to Millennium Park.

And within just those few square miles we found all of these gorgeous stops along the way.  I love you Chicago! I never get tired of shooting in this city–and we love Tyler and Christie! Now let me know how you want to handle firing your current wedding photographer 😉