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Doing Things

I stumbled upon this quote today.  Since it is Friday and our attention spans tend to be extra short today, I will leave you with this. If you are just starting a business or dramatically changing your life and anyone asks you about your plan—just repeat the great words of Southwest Airlines founder and CEO Herb Kelleher.    

A lil’ pumpkin!

    So I am excited to announce that my wife and I have a little pumpkin on the way!  This is our first child so it is extremely exciting and maybe even a little scary at the same time.  When I posted last week about my wife being my favorite muse, we had just returned from this shoot.  If our baby is half as gorgeous as my wife, the world will be in for a real treat! You can […]

So it begins

Launch Day   Today is the day.  Perhaps it can be yours too.  Today I launched this website and hope to begin a journey doing what I love—but doing it with all of you as well.  Let us start by making tomorrow last forever. I would like to send out some very special thanks to the people who have helped this become a reality and who have inspired me and continue to do so: Dave Anderson–amazing photog and was my […]