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The Best Part of Me – A Wedding Highlight Film

A gorgeous day filled with love and joy. Benjamin and Courtney have a pure love that will last a million lifetimes. Our last film of the season was shot at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. Special thanks to Red Room Photo on the help out–enjoy!

Benjamin + Courtney Wedding Day Highlights

A bright sunny day at Green Bay’s Botanical Gardens to celebrate the love and new life of Benjamin and Courtney. Here are some of our favorite photographs from their day. Enjoy!

Caitlin + Justin Wedding Day

A collection of still images from the wedding of Caitlin and Justin.

Nikki and the Fam

A beautiful day for beautiful family at Lion’s Den Gorge along the shores of Lake Michigan in Grafton, Wisconsin

Time Flies

Part of one of our Wedding Photography Collections is the Client for Life. We offer one shoot per-year to these clients. Each year our couples come back with their growing families for updated family photos and such. One of our Lifers 😉 Katie and Jim have the sweetest baby girl, Sophie. And as it would be, they have another on the way! So we put it all together for a Sophie one-year, mum-to-be (again!), and family shoot all in one! […]

Closer – A Milwaukee Wedding Film with Michelle and Doug

A Wedding Tale Michelle and Doug have such a deep-seated love for one another. It was a joy to be able to capture and be such a big part of their top-down perfect day. It was truly an honor. Every detail of the day was thoughtful and deliberate. Honestly, my crew and I found ourselves beaming  and feeling a sense of “pinch me” throughout the day because it was just. so. beautiful. The people, the surroundings, and the amazing vibe […]

Christie and Tyler Engagement Preview

I don’t really have too much to write here! These two are so damn in love and it shows in every one of these images. I love that Tyler knew the only way he could come close to matching his beautiful fiancé was to rock a tux. And rock it he did! I met Christie and Tyler by way of another image I took for the lovely Doug and Michelle. Christie got it touch and wanted her own kick-ass skyline […]

Jess and Jay’s Wedding Day

I am so excited to share these images form Jess and Jay’s awesome wedding day! I have known Jess for sometime. When I first started this business not-so-way-back-when she was there. She helped us make it happen. She worked the wedding shows and the shoot locations with equal grace. It was quite the honor when she asked me to capture her day. Every detail was perfect, every bridesmaid beautiful, and every groomsmen dapper. Days like these make me love being […]

Katy and Chris’s Notebook Adventure

You might never guess all these photos were taken within the same hour! Of course, if you live in Wisconsin you totally get it! It was so much fun to shoot Katy and Chris’s engagement session. Their love is unmatched and clearly they were destined to be together. We can’t wait to shoot the wedding in just over a month!

Jess and Jay Wedding Preview

Just a little something something to hold you over 😉